chans battery rebuild
chans battery rebuild

CHANS's Story

The idea for CHANS came from a personal battery dilemma. I, Irina Chulkova and my husband, Sergei Chulkov, had a laptop with a dead battery that we were not able to find an inexpensive and quality replacement for. Sergei decided to try to rebuild the battery on his own. After the first rebuild proved successful, our friends and relatives began asking us to help them rebuild their dead batteries; not just for laptops but for power tools as well. Before long we were getting requests from friends of friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Within a year, in 2004, we established our company, CHANS Battery Rebuild, in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Throughout a 10-year span CHANS became the most well-known and profitable company in the field of battery rebuilding in St. Petersburg Russia. There was much pride in hearing customers say "If CHANS can't fix it, it can't be fixed".
chans battery rebuild chans battery rebuild
chans battery rebuild

After moving to Canada in Fall 2014, we opened the same business in London, Ontario in July 2015 with the great support of Goodwill Industries and London Small Business Centre.

The business continues to be family run. It gives us great happiness to have satisfied customers, to take an active part in preserving our natural environment, and to be active members of our community.

"Battery is great! " - Sam Thomas, Nelson, BC
"My 48V Currie Tech battery is great! Appreciate your follow up and for the quality work. We'll be using you again, and will recommend you to others! "

"We are very happy with our electric bike batteries! " - Cathy MacKenzie,West Kelowna, BC
"We have given our batteries a good run on multiple occasions and we are very happy with them! I let all owners of electric bikes know about your business. "

"The ebike battery is performing even better than new! " - Ray S., London, ON
"I am quite pleased with the battery rebuild. I have taken my ebicycle on 3 trips of over 30 km since then and can tell that the battery is performing even better than new. I have recommended your battery rebuild service to several people since and I would not hesitate to get another battery rebuilt in the future. Thanks again . "

"I am plenty satisfied!!! " - Jean-Paul Simard, Montreal, QC
"My Bionxbattery is amazing and very powerful, I think itís better than ever. I am plenty satisfied. My bike had a few problems before the new battery fixed everything. "

"I will be sending more business your way!! " - Don DeLuca, Deluca Enterprises, North York ON
"The rebuilt IDeal Networks SignalTek NT Batteries work like a charm!!! Thank you for your quick turnover time. "

" Heads up all ebike owners! " - David Gowland, Waterloo ON
"My ebike battery died. Bike shop prices for rebuild or new were more than the original cost of the bike. I previously gave an ebike away because of battery replacement cost. I did not know about Chanís. Upon finding this terrific business I had them rebuild my 36V battery at a reasonable price. Service was stellar and the rebuild good as new and possibly better. Heads up all ebike owners! "

"Highly recommended!!! " - Andre Chor, Whitby ON
"My 10-year old digital camera batteries are as good as new! Communication was excellent; prompt turnaround time; I have tested the batteries, they are excellent. Thank you, I will use your service again. "

" Thank you for the rebuild " - Don Empringham, Ingersoll ON
"The battery works like new. I will keep you in mind for other battery rebuilds. "

" You guys did a great job. " - David, St. Thomas
"The rebuilt Dell Vostro 3560 battery charges up nice and slow and lasts long . The new cells sure have superior capacity . I am happy to have my laptop fully mobile again. You guys did a great job. thanks again "

" Glad not to be throwing out the ebike. " - Mark Wigmore, Ottawa
"I tested the battery and it worked great! "

" The batteries work as good as new! " - Oliver Hack, Vancouver
"My two laptops batteries work as good as new!Thanks for taking the time to check-in, and for providing such an efficient service. "

" My TimTam massager battery works great! " - Olivier Leung, Montreal
"The battery works great! Thanks for everything! The Canadian customers are overcharged on replacement batteries! "

" I'll be highly recommending your service. " - Ian Kirkpatrick, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC
"I got my battery back and I've been out on my bike for a couple of good rides. It's working well and has better range than the original pack had when it was new. I'll be highly recommending your service. Thanks again for keeping me riding my bike in this beautiful but hilly city "

" Thanks for the quick service that day " - John MacKinnon, Sarnia ON
"The battery works great. Glad to have that tool (cordless screwdriver) back in action after a few years. Thanks for the quick service that day. I have been telling my friends about this. "

"Better than new! " - Greg Collins, Geoscience Inc, Lakefield, ON
"Received my Asus Pro battery after rebuilding. It works great Ė better than new! Thanks for your service. "

"Two battery packs for my Dewalt drill are working excellent! " - Dave Warr, St.Thomas, ON
"My 18 volt battery packs for my Dewalt drill are working excellent. I could not believe how quickly your company rebuilt and returned these batteries to me. Thank you ! "

"The battery is back to brand new! " - Peter and Brenda West, Newmarket, ON
"My ebike battery is working great. I'm very glad that I found out about your rebuild service. Thank you very much, we're happy. "

"The battery works fantastic! " - Wayne Patry, London, ON
"I'm very happy with the results and will recommend you to anyone I know who needs battery replacement. In the future I will always use your services if I need battery replacement. Thanks again "

"I only wish I'd found you sooner! " -Dave from St.Thomas ON
"Great work refurbishing the Thinkpad X61T batteries! I'm pleased to report that all batteries take a full charge and are lasting about twenty minutes longer than the original batteries! "

"You do very good work and promptly" - John Allt, London, ON
"I am very impressed with the batteries performance for my drills. They last quite a long time, longer than the original cells. I will definitely be calling on your services again. You do very good work and promptly. You also keep your customers informed of any delays. That means a lot to me. Thanks for the excellent service. "

"I want to thank you for such fine service" - Al Casey, Tillsonburg, ON
"I am very happy with my rebuilt laptop battery. If my friends are looking for rebuilt batteries, I will definitely recommend you and your company. "

"Battery works perfectly!" - Thomas Maxwell, Pender Island, BC
"The battery for my netbook works perfectly after rebuilding. I have passed the word around my friends. "

"You did a fantastic job on my battery" - Brad, Edward Small Engines, London ON
"I am very happy to have the battery in my drill again. I will send your contact to all my friends. "

"Thank you again for the great service" - Alicia Silliker, London ON
"I went here to get my laptop battery repaired. And now my battery works better than before. I am very pleased. Wanted my friends and family to know that they do not have to throw out laptop battery anymore. "

"You do very fine work." - Peter Boyle, Elgin ON
"You have a service that I appreciate and thank you for repairing all my batteries. I will see you again if I have any more batteries to do very fine work. "

"No problems recommending Chans Battery Rebuild to anyone" - Bob Planques, London ON
"New batteries are too expensive for how long they last, so rebuilding was my best option. Biggest concern was whether or not the battery rebuild would be any good , so far they have been great. The quick turn around was great and you stayed in contact with the me."

"Truthfully, the batteries seem better than new." - John Pollock, London ON
" I went to the hardware store to see about replacing 18V batteries for some hand tools and was told it was cheaper to buy a new tool set that would include extra batteries. This is good enough deal, but my impact driver and drill were both working well and buying new tools just to get new batteries seemed a little wasteful. A friend told me about Irina and I was pleased to hear that my batteries could be rebuilt. The rebuilt batteries would be at least as good as new and would not have to carried off for hazardous disposal. After a brief email exchange with Irina, my batteries were picked up and then delivered back in few days. Truthfully, the batteries seem better than new. They take, and hold, a full charge and my favorite tools have been granted a new lease. Apparently Irina can rebuild many types of rechargeable batteries including laptops and cordless vacuums. This is great service and a great reason not to put old batteries or expensive cordless tools into the landfill.
"Quick service and the lower cost" - Dan Thrasher, London ON
"I discovered Chans and decided to give them a try. My biggest concern was if the replacement cells were going to be as good or better than new and so far I am very satisfied. I particularly liked the pick up and delivery service. I have already recommended Chans to my friends who still have NiCad batteries for their power tools. I tell them about their quick service and the lower cost to rebuild as compared to the high cost of purchasing new replacement batteries."

"I'm incredibly happy with the results" - John Manning, Scarborough ON
I just wanted to say thank you for repairing my battery! After following your steps for the first charge cycle, i'm getting over 4 hours of battery life, where as the Amazon battery could hardly muster 1 hour before dying. I wish I had found your company sooner instead of wasting money on the Amazon battery. I'll absolutely recommend to anyone i can in the future!
"Never worry about a dead battery again" - Matt, London ON
"When my battery died my laptop became useless, when looking on replacing my battery it was well over $100 dollars. Laptop battery rebuild saved me lots of money and had my battery rebuilt very quickly. They even came and picked it up. Now my laptop is working like new again. Never worry about a dead battery again!! Thanks so much!"
"I would recommend you to my best friend" - Shaun D.McIvor, Perth ON
"Because I have 2 complete cordless sets and the batteries were no longer available so I researched and was pleased to find a battery company that was in Canada that I could use. When I emailed you, you were very prompted in getting back to me and you answered my questions professionally and you followed through with your follow up. I would recommend you to my best friend. I would tell them that your service was second to none. Thanks again for the wonderful service."
"Excellent job on my battery" - Al Dinelt, London ON
"Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fast and excellent job on my battery . I will definitely refer you to anyone that I hear is having battery problems."
"I would RATE CHANS a 10+" - Martin Bolger, London ON
"I have a 14V Drill but both batteries were dead and would not recharge I went to get a new one and the cost was more than a whole new drill kit!!!! My Son told me about Chans and contacted them, we took the Two Batteries to them, And they delivered them the next day,and no charge for the delivery!!! The drill works great the price for TWO was only a little more than ONE NEW ONE!! I would RATE CHANS A 10+"