chans battery rebuild
chans battery rebuild

E-Bike Li-ion Battery Rebuild

chans battery rebuild
Save money and enjoy riding!
Our rebuilt Li-ion batteries are 100% genuine batteries in the old case. We use the freshest, high-quality LG 2.5Ah 20A cells. The cells are balanced and connected with the spot welder. Warranty 12 months. Read more

The price depends on the kind and the number of the li-ion cells that are inside the battery. The table below shows the prices approximately based on the battery's voltage and the capacity that can be found on the battery case. These prices don't include tax.

Voltage V
Capacity Ah     10      15      10      15      10      15 
 $ CAD  349.00  449.00  403.00  554.00  566.00  798.00

" Heads up all ebike owners! " - David Gowland, Waterloo ON
"My ebike battery died. Bike shop prices for rebuild or new were more than the original cost of the bike. I previously gave an ebike away because of battery replacement cost. I did not know about Chanís. Upon finding this terrific business I had them rebuild my 36V battery at a reasonable price. Service was stellar and the rebuild good as new and possibly better. Heads up all ebike owners! "

" Glad not to be throwing out the ebike. " - Mark Wigmore, Ottawa
"I tested the battery and it worked great! "

" I'll be highly recommending your service. " - Ian Kirkpatrick, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC
"I got my battery back and I've been out on my bike for a couple of good rides. It's working well and has better range than the original pack had when it was new. I'll be highly recommending your service. Thanks again for keeping me riding my bike in this beautiful but hilly city "

"The battery is back to brand new! " - Peter and Brenda West, Newmarket, ON
"My ebike battery is working great. I'm very glad that I found out about your rebuild service. Thank you very much, we're happy. "